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808 Moped: 8 Ways We’re Protecting Our Customers From COVID-19

a group of people standing around a motorcycle in front of a building
2020 has been a strange year, there’s no denying that. The COVID-19 pandemic has made travel difficult and understandably, many people are nervous about travelling and engaging in activities that they would normally find fun. Here at 808 Mopeds, we have taken a number of steps to combat COVID-19, ensuring we can continue to operate a fun and professional service for our customers. We remain open for business and if there’s one thing this year needs, it’s the thrill of taking to the streets with the sun beating down and the breeze on your face! In this article, we’ll outline a few of the measures we’re taking to keep you safe and to ensure that you can still enjoy a thrilling moped ride on your Maui vacation.
a group of people standing around a motorcycle in front of a building
#1 All of our staff are wearing face masks at all times. Face masks are one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of the virus and so all of our staff, both front desk and workshop, will be wearing protective face masks at all times. We strongly encourage (for now, require) our customers to do the same when they come into the store.
#2 We are only servicing one party at a time during the pandemic. This is to avoid the unnecessary mixing of different households and groups of people, in order to minimize the spread of the disease. This will in no way affect the quality of service we provide; it just means reservations have been scheduled to ensure there is only one party on the premises at any given time. If anything, this will speed up our service as your party will have our undivided attention!
#3 We have put in place two designated stations, which are located more than 50 feet away from each other. One of these is for customers picking up their mopeds, the other is for those guests who have finished their rental and are returning the mopeds. Again, this is in order to keep people separate where possible, whilst maintaining our high level of service.
#4 Keeping your hands clean is another simple way of keeping the virus at bay. We have put together a sanitation station for use by our customers. This includes a hands-free soap dispenser and a conventional wash basin. Furthermore, we have bottles of hand sanitizer located around the premises, making it easy for customers and staff alike to maintain a good level of hygiene.
#5 With every new reservation, our staff members will put on a fresh pair of rubber gloves. The old ones will be safely discarded. This is to ensure that germs are not transferred from one party to the next.
#6 We have altered our returns process to ensure there is as little contact as possible between customers and staff, in order to keep everybody safe. When returning your moped keys and locks, you will now place them in a designated dunk station, rather than handing them in to staff. They will be cleaned at this station, ready for hand over to the next party.
#7 Similarly for helmets, when returned, they are placed in a separate bin and fully sanitized before being handed back out to a new party.
#8 Although the mopeds are largely kept outside, it is important that they are also kept clean. After every use, they are fully and professionally cleaned, both inside and out. This ensures that there is no chance of the virus being passed from customer to customer via our mopeds.
We hope you can see that we are making numerous provisions to keep our customers and staff safe. As well as all of the measures mentioned in this article, we are practicing social distancing onsite. It is also important to remember that outdoor activity is encouraged by the authorities, as the transmission of the virus is significantly lower outdoors than inside. And social distancing is in action anyway whilst riding a moped, because no more than one person is allowed on each bike! Moped riding is one of the safest ways to enjoy your Hawaiian holiday during this unusual period of time. We hope that you can join us and rent a moped for your enjoyment – please head to or call 808-871- RIDE (7433) if you would like anymore information about the services we offer or about our COVID-19 policies.