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Hawaii E-Mobility Rebate

a motorcycle parked on the side

Electric Bicycle and Electric Moped Rebate Program
ACT 306, 2022

The State of Hawaii has proposed ACT 306, 2022 in an effort to reduce the cost of transportation and the collective carbon footprint of everyone in the islands, by providing rebates for the purchase and use of electric bicycles and electric mopeds.
Each eligible purchase of a new electric bicycle or new electric moped shall receive a rebate of either 20% of the retail cost or $500, whichever is lower.
Eligibility Requirements
– Current students – High School, College, and University students are all welcome!
– Do not own a traditional vehicle with four wheels – This means you do not have a car or truck currently registered in your name with the State of Hawaii.
– Low income – Check with the State to see if you qualify.
Any adult who meets any of the requirements above may apply for a rebate. This rebate covers all ebikes that have a speed of 28mph or lower and are purchased new. This also covers all electronic mopeds purchased new.
The State of Hawaii will require each applicant to furnish reasonable information to ascertain the validity of the claim, including signature of the buyer and individual responsible for the sale on
behalf of a retail store at the time of sale, a copy of valid government issued photo identification of the buyer at the time of the sale, receipt of purchase, name and address of the retail store, verification of eligibility, and any other documentation necessary to demonstrate the legitimate purchase of a new electric bicycle or new electric moped.
Please note all purchases after July 1st, 2022, but the state program to issue the rebates will begin February 2023.
For complete details please visit:
Hawaii Electric Bike and Moped Rebate