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Navigating the Maui Rental Car Shortage


The Valley Isle, Maui, is the second biggest island in Hawaii. Owing to its Iao Valley, beautiful beaches, Haleakala views, and humpback whale views during winters, Maui attracts a large number of tourists every month. However, one big concern that many tourists face in Maui is the rental car shortage. Since many car agencies sent their rental cars to the mainland for other uses during the pandemic, rental cars are scarce and expensive there now. So, what are the best alternatives to admire all of Maui without a rental car? Let’s find out more about some of the amazing options.

Alternatives to Rental Cars for Navigating the Maui

Other than the rental cars, some options that you can choose including private shuttle, taxis, Uber, Lyft, and public transportation. Maui Bus public transit service offers 12 bus routes that you can use to explore south Maui, Upcountry, west Maui, north shore, and the airport. Private car services can also be made available for vacationers in Maui. However, one of the greatest, reasonably priced, and most enjoyable transit options to navigate the Maui is renting a moped from 808 Mopeds.

What Makes Renting a Moped a Much Better Option Than Rental Cars in Maui?

A majority of tourists are preferring rental mopeds over rental cars due to a number of good reasons. Some of them include the following:

Reasonable Pricing: There is an ongoing shortage of rental cars in Maui, due to which their prices are unreasonably high and most tourists do not want to splurge that much on transportation alone. The reasonable prices of rental mopeds make them a better alternative to navigating the Maui rental car shortage.

Convenient Drive Due to Compact Size: The increasing popularity of Maui has made it a famous tourist destination, due to which its roads remain jammed with traffic most of the time. While you are on your vacation, you won’t want to stay stuck in traffic jams while you see compact-sized mopeds shooting past the roads. You can drive a smaller-sized moped through any gap you find between the cars and reach your destination much faster.

Freedom of Travel: Unlike a rental car, you can stop your rental moped anywhere you want, even on the side of a road. Whenever you get past a scenic beauty, stop your moped there, click some great photographs, and move ahead. You do not need to find a parking space as you need for a rental car.

Feel the Breeze: Feeling the island breeze flowing through your hair is one of the most majestic experiences that you won’t be able to get while traveling in an enclosed rental car. If you are alone or riding as a couple, riding on a moped through an island with water views is one of the most romantic things you can do.

Now that you know the different options to navigate the Maui, you are sure to enjoy your vacation without worrying about the rental car shortage. Although there are lots of options to travel around Maui, renting a moped from 808 Mopeds will save your budget and give you all the other benefits mentioned above.

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