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Planning the Perfect Date on Maui

maui date ideas

Dating can be stressful. So much can go wrong, what if you don’t dress well enough, or the activities you have planned don’t interest your date? In a picturesque setting like the Hawaiian island of Maui, you may think that a nice dinner on its own is enough to seal the deal. But we think you should put in a bit more effort. In this article, we’ve planned the perfect Maui date, using our own expertise (in mopeds not dating!) and a little imagination. 


maui date ideas


Maui Makes a Good Setting

The island itself sets us off on a good start. Maui is an incredibly romantic destination, with gorgeous sunny weather, peaceful beaches and stunning scenery, from rugged coastline to lush forests. We need to make sure we incorporate this into our date. Plonking your date in a dark restaurant isn’t good enough, lets get outside and have some fun!


Mopeds Bring the Fun Factor

Have you ever seen anyone look bored when riding a moped? No, me neither. Why not plan your date around the hiring of mopeds, to bring a bit of fun to what could be a mundane day or evening. 808 Mopeds will be happy to help arrange this, with their friendly service and great value packages. They’ll even put together a custom package for you if you’d like. So you can hire two mopeds for the day and agree to meet your date at the rental shop. But what next? Here are a few options: 


A Peaceful Picnic

The mopeds at 808 Mopeds come with a decent amount of storage, enough to pack away a picnic and a small bottle of wine (but only one – you’re riding, remember)! So, once you’ve picked up the mopeds, why not head out into some of that blissful scenery we were talking about and enjoy a quiet picnic in the sun? Nearby Kaanapali beach is one option, or you could head further north to Kapalua. There are certain benefits of being at the beach for a first date too, namely the lack of clothes…


An Afternoon Ride

If your date is really excited about the prospect of riding their moped, then you won’t want to make them hop off after just a couple of miles, you’ll want to enjoy a ride. The Honoapiilani Highway is a 35-mile coastal road which reaches round the north-eastern part of Maui. 808 Mopeds is located on the highway, so what better way to spend your date than riding along sections of the road, soaking up the view? You can stop at various bars, beauty spots and more along the way to chat and get to know one another, breaking up any awkward pauses with another ride.

Get the Adrenaline Pumping

Maybe your date is more of an active type, and rather than a picnic or a moped tour, you’ve decided you want to get active. Why not ride the 50 or so miles to Haleakala National Park and hike up to the summit of the volcanic crater? The ride will take about an hour and a half but then you get to climb an actual volcano, we call that a great bonding experience. Your date certainly won’t be able to say it’s been boring when catching up with his or her friends about how it went!


The End of the Date

Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be glad to know that at the end of your date, there’s a really simply and hassle free drop off procedure at 808 Mopeds, so you can return your moped and continue with your day, with or without your date! Or you could hire them for an extra day and bring them back in the morning, if things went that well! 


Dating should be fun, it’s all about two people getting to know each other and figuring out if they’re right for one another. Hiring mopeds is a great way to initiate this bonding, whatever you decide to do after.

808 Mopeds friendly and efficient service, not to mention great prices, makes them a really good option for planning your date on Maui. And if that date goes spectacularly well, then it may come in handy to know that they offer private moped tours for newlyweds – you’ll even get special Bride and Groom license plates and a moped picnic, all set up on a cliff overlooking the Pacific. If you’re interested in hiring mopeds or in booking one of these packages, then simply head to

(We take zero responsibility if your date goes badly, we tried our best).