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Why Swapping 4 Wheels For 2 Is Worth It!

a motorcycle parked on the side of a road

Maui is a bucket-list destination for so many people, but getting here can be pricey so why not skip the car rental and enjoy the freedom of a moped instead? As gas prices continue to surge, and there’s a scarcity of Hawaii car rentals due to the pandemic, mopeds can not only be a money-saving solution, but an exhilarating way to get around to places not always accessible by car. But how much will you really save by swapping out those 4 wheels for 2? 


The cost of car rental in Hawaii ranges from $100~$200 per day during peak season, so when you factor in gas and parking fees on top of that this can be a big expense. Mopeds have a much smaller engine than cars, so they guzzle way less gas meaning more mileage for your dollar. On average, mopeds get 91 miles per gallon, whereas cars average only 26! This means way more money in your pocket for sightseeing, snacking on malasadas, and so much more!


Another huge upside to choosing a moped is parking will cost you a fraction of the price at most places. Many lots charge reduced rates for mopeds, and some will even let you park for free! Unlike cars, mopeds also offer you the freedom to post-up anywhere that is not blocking traffic. Generally all you need is to do is lock and chain it to a poll or a tree! Just think of all the secluded little spots you can access around our incredible island.


Here are a couple of the best places on Maui to visit on a moped:


Big Beach

As one of the longest beaches on Maui, Big Beach is made up of stunning lava fields and expansive white sand. Plus there are tons of food trucks in the area so you don’t have to haul your lunch along for the ride. Speaking of hauling…the closest place to park a car is nearly half a mile away, but Big Beach offers easy upfront access for mopeds. 



This former whaling village is now touted as one of Maui’s top tourist destinations. Lahaina offers a variety of sightseeing opportunities in addition to shopping, dining, art galleries, and museums. Explore local sights such as the Lahaina banyan tree and Lahaina Fort before cruising Front Street in search of some of the town’s top restaurants and boutiques.


So, if you’re looking for a fun and affordable way to take in the scenic sights of Maui, renting a moped allows you to zip around the island and explore all of it’s breathtaking views, access secluded beaches, and maybe even see dolphins and whales as you ride!